William Conte

Real Estate Broker

Since 2001, William Conte has been working in the real estate industry and over the years he has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers in the sale and purchase of residential, multi-residential and commercial properties.

William Conte, a graduate of Concordia University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, has always worked with the public throughout his career. He has many years of experience in various organizations as a businessman and team manager and this has allowed him to develop and perfect his knowledge of negotiation and business sales. He understands that the most important person is the customer.

Over the years, he has developed a special sense, and a passion for real estate transactions, adding communication and problem-solving skills, making him the ideal broker to have on your side.

For William, the importance of listening and understanding the needs of his clients is imperative in order to be efficient and to deliver results that will exceed their expectations.

As a 3rd generation real estate broker in his family, real estate is in his blood and he is convinced that real estate is and will always be the best investment tool to make you rich in the long.

Call William if you are looking for a reliable real estate professional who will find the best solution to your real estate needs.

Fabrizio De Ciccio

Real Estate Broker

A graduate of Concordia University with a Bachelor’s degree, Fabrizio De Ciccio touches people’s hearts with his dedication and deep passion for the real estate industry.

He possesses an impeccable ability to develop lasting business relationships with his clients and is recognized for his professionalism and know-how. Through his commitment to his clients, he consistently excels in providing a service that exceeds the expectations of his clients. In fact, he works tirelessly to deliver an unparalleled customer service experience.

With a passion for residential, commercial, and industrial real estate, Fabrizio De Ciccio is always ready to accompany you throughout your purchase or sale process in order to conclude the real estate transaction that will best serve your needs. As a proud member of RE/MAX, he conveys his values of integrity, transparency, communication, and listening.

Through his various academic and professional experiences , Fabrizio quickly understood the importance of developing effective communication skills. This has allowed him to develop a strong negotiation capacity as well as an ability to solve any problem with efficiency.

In addition, he has a vast network of professionals who are committed to finding your real estate dreams. Thanks to his expertise and professionalism Fabrizio De Ciccio offers an experience that goes above and beyond your expectations.